2024 Paws of Honor Update: K9 Christy

K9 Christy started out in the Puppies Behind Bars program in upstate NY which trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for veterans and first responders, as well as explosives detection canines for law enforcement. She was slated to be a PTSD dog but her whining and barking changed her career path to that of explosives detection (luckily she did not whine while searching for bombs). 

Last year, Big Barker heard about K9 Christy and the work that she was doing with Paws of Honor and could not have been more happy and grateful to sponsor her to get a Big Barker bed! 

Now, it has been over a year since Christy got her first Big Barker bed! Big Barker was able to catch up with Christy and her owner to see how she is doing now, in 2024. Keep reading to see some of the answers that Christy's loving owner said when we got the chance to talk with her!

What would you like to say to your dog if he or she was a human being?
Wait? I should be talking to her differently because she is a dog? I tell her how awesome she is everyday, and how much I love her!

What is the one thing you would change about your dog if you could?

I wish that she could live until the day that I died. Other than that, nothing, I swear she is the best dog in the world!

How many weeks, months or years did it take for your dog to get used to civilian life?
This girl had no problem getting handed a bowl of food, instead of having to work for it anymore like she did for all 5 years of her career. The hardest transition was not spending our days together anymore (that may be harder on me since she stays home with her Dad all day).

What did your dog do for you that no human could have done?
She made my dream of being a K9 handler come true. I still remember the day we met, and got a bit emotional realizing it was this dog that made that dream a reality.
She ensured no bombs were present, never complained about work, and continues to give me absolute joy everyday that I spend with her.

How has your dog improved your quality of life?
She is my constant companion. We spent 5 years working together and gave me the best years of my law enforcement career. Now we spend as much of our time off together as we can. She gets me out and moving, even on the days I want to sit and do nothing. She brings joy and a sense of peace, even during tough times, and makes me laugh at least once a day with her goofy demeanor.

How long has your dog had their Big Barker bed and what noticeable changes have you felt they have experienced since sleeping on their Big Barker bed?

It’s her BIg Barker Bediversary! She got her bed last year at this time. I’ve noticed that she gets up quicker and is ready to go without her usual, hold on Mom, give me a minute. She still loves to go for walks and play frisbee outside and is able to do so without issues at 10 years old. She would rather sleep on her BIg Barker Bed then in our bed with us, so that should tell you something. It is extremely comfortable, even I have spent some nights sleeping on it with her when we have visited family. I wish I had known about these beds when she was a working K9, because I would’ve gotten her one to lay on in the back of our work truck!

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