K9 Christy: Puppies Behind Bars | Paws of Honor

K9 Christy, who is currently 9 years old, started out in the Puppies Behind Bars program in upstate NY which trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for veterans and first responders, as well as explosives detection canines for law enforcement. She was slated to be a PTSD dog but her whining and barking changed her career path to that of explosives detection (luckily she did not whine while searching for bombs). 


K9 Christy was an explosives detection K9 procured and trained by the ATF. ATF-trained canines are capable of detecting 19,000 different explosive compounds and are held to high training and annual certification requirements. K9 Christy is the sweetest and most well-behaved dog a handler could ever hope for. 

K9 Christy’s primary job was vehicle and package searches as well as protective sweeps in support of Force Protection at a secure DoD facility in Virginia. She also assisted other federal and local agencies in the Washington, DC area with several large-scale explosive detection missions such as many Marine Corp Marathons, special events, and active bomb threats. K9 Christy was privileged to assist the Secret Service in a protective sweep when Vice President Pence came to visit her agency.

K9 Christy is currently going through diagnosis for some lameness with her back legs when sitting and standing. This is most likely due to the rigorous work she put in inspecting large commercial vehicles throughout her career.

K9 Christy loves playing fetch, going for walks, and snuggling on the couch. She especially loves vacations to the beach. Her favorite treat in retirement is Chic-Fit-A nuggets and ice cream.

If Christy could talk, she would say, “Life is short, but your impact can be big, if you choose to do good in this world.”