Vet REC: Veterinary Rehabilitation & Exercise Clinic of the Carolinas: Dr. Catherine Newman

We specialize in physical therapy here at Vet REC and have Barkers in all of our exam rooms. So many clients talk about the beds during treatments!”

As a physical rehab facility, our patients have a variety of different orthopedic conditions. Almost every patient immediately lays on our Barker Beds once they enter the therapy room. To which their owners tell us that "they never lay this relaxed and comfortable on their own beds at home.. Where can we get one?" --Dr. Catherine Newman, CVM, CCRT

Tell us a bit about yourself, your clinic and what is important to your clinic.

I am Dr. Newman, I have been practicing for 11 years now. I have had a variety of experience from emergency/urgent care to general practice. Through my experiences it led me to my passion for integrative medicine and rehabilitation. There are so many ways to help our injured and aging pets. Comfort and pain management are a huge part of that, and a huge part of Vet-REC. Vet-REC is a rehabilitation and exercise clinic exclusively. Our patients have neurological conditions, have had orthopedic surgeries, other orthopedic injuries or age related changes. Their parents come to us to help their pet's life improve, whether it be through improving their mobility, managing pain with alternative therapies or speeding up their recovery after surgery so they can get back to what their pet loves to do.

What is the hardest part about being a Veterinarian?

The hardest part about being a veterinarian is knowing that no matter how hard you try you can't save every animal.

What inspired you to become a vet?

Like so many others, I have always loved animals. I was able to work for a small animal practice in high school, and the veterinarian that I worked for was my biggest inspiration. He treated everyone with respect, and he built fantastic relationships with clients and their pets for years and even multiple generations within their families. I have always strived to build those types of relationships with my clients/patients.

If you could only give one tip to pet-parents what would it be?

The biggest tip that I can give to pet parents is to get pet insurance. We can't always plan for every aspect of our pet's care and insurance can ease the financial burden of those unexpected costs.

What role do you find Big Barker playing in your clinic and your pet-patients life/care?

Big Barker Beds play a huge role in our practice. It is a comfortable place and a safe spot for our patients to go to. All of our patients have some kind of orthopedic or neurological condition that affects their mobility. When they come to see us, they are nervous and uncomfortable.

As soon as they come to our exam rooms, the first place they go is straight to the Barker bed. For some, it's the first bed that they have been able to enjoy for a very long time. Our clients are seeking out ways to help their pet be more comfortable and live their best life in spite of their medical conditions. Big Barker gives our clients fantastic options to add to their pets comfort when traveling to the practice and at home.

Attached are some pictures we took of my dog, Sadie, on the Big Barker. Sadie will be 11 in April, is a boxer/lab mix, and have bilateral hip dysplasia and generalized arthritis. 

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