Tips For Sharing Your Bed With A Big Dog

Conventional wisdom probably shows that you shouldn’t sleep with your dogs — regardless of their size, right? We know, however, that many of our pet-loving friends are more than willing to take a slice of the bed if their dog, big or small, wants to join them. Do you share your bed with a big dog? Is it a habit you’ve had since he was a puppy and wasn’t quite as large as he is now? Let’s face it a Great Dane or a Newfoundland, even as a puppy, is pretty big; fully grown, they could easily take over your bed!

Here are some reasons why you might not want to share your bed with your big dog:

  1. They are bed hogs. Plain and simple.
  2. Your dogs may interrupt your sleep with their moving around or hopping on and off the bed. If you have to work the next morning, getting uninterrupted sleep is crucial to your being able to function at your peak capacity.
  3. If you have a long-haired big dog, he could be bringing dirt or sticks or other outside debris into your bed with him.
  4. Do you or your partner have any allergies to pet fur or pet dander?
  5. Is there, honestly, just not enough room on the bed for you, your partner and your big dog? This could be even more of a consideration if you have more than one big dog.



The reason many pet parents make room for their beloved pets on the bed is that our beds are more comfortable for our pets than a cold, hard floor, right? This is even more true if your dog is aging and you notice she’s having trouble getting up and down from the floor, might be limping or showing other signs of aging or arthritis pain. Allowing them to sleep with you, you think, will help alleviate their pain.

Did you know, though, that there are orthopedic big dog beds on the market that can not only let you take back your bed and get a great night’s sleep, but can help alleviate your dog’s pain? Check out our line of Big Barker big dog beds as they could be an ideal solution to the age old question of, “whose turn is it to use the pillow tonight?”


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