8 Telltale Signs Your Dog Is Bored and What You Can Do About It

Keeping a large dog breed entertained can be quite challenging, especially if they’re one with a hip injury or are prone to hip dysplasia. Excessive walking and exercise is never a good idea for large dog breeds; however, you still
have to keep them fulfilled in some sense to replace that. After all, their health and happiness are key! Failure to keep your dogs entertained can lead to intense boredom, which can lead to destruction, constant noise, and anxious-driven behaviors. Therefore, ensuring that your dogs stay busy in some way, shape or form is important. Here are some common signs that your dog is suffering from boredom and what you can do to help.

Bored Dog Sleeps on Bed

How To Entertain Your Bored Dog

There are many ways you can entertain your pup that don't include excessive walking or exercise. Ways that you can fight your dog’s boredom include. Robert, a professional trainer from Marvelous Dogs, says taking time out to interact with them daily. Just giving them a bit of attention periodically throughout the day can be more significant than ignoring them! Different forms of mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys to stimulate their minds and
curiosity. Playing obedience games, such as “hide and seek,” “follow your nose,” and “find the toy.” Positive reinforcement training is also a good idea.

8 Signs Your Dog Is Bored

Digging: If you go outside and notice your dog digging a lot of holes, he may just like digging holes, or he could be bored. Digging can be problematic when that behavior follows them into the house. Your carpet will be destroyed if you fail to give them something to do. Play a quick obedience game like hide and seek with them to snap them out of digging. They’re looking for attention from you.

Dog Digs in Sand

Pacing: Just like humans, dogs will pace if they have nothing to do. Boredom can lead to a lot of anxiety and fidgety behavior. If you notice your dog pacing a room or along the wall, he may want something to do and burn off some energy. The best way to fix this is by giving them a fun brain game to play or just sitting with them and giving them some attention. You can even teach them a new trick or command to stimulate their brains. Anything that can get their mind off of being unable to be as active as they can will do.

Dog Paces Back and Forth

Chewing: If you come home and notice that your dog has started to chew on things he isn’t supposed to, such as the couch or a slipper, this may be some means of concern. While it is normal for untrained dogs to chew on things they aren’t supposed to, if your dog is well trained and you notice him doing it, it’s because he’s bored and feels like he has nothing better to do. His toys that he’s used to biting, playing with, and chewing on are no longer exciting to him. He needs something new! Giving him some mentally stimulating games such as a kong or a puzzle game can keep him occupied and stop him from destroying things.

Dog Chews on Stick

Excessive Barking: Many things can get your dog barking, such as a squirrel idly making its way across the yard. However, it can quickly become a nuisance to yourself and others around you when it becomes too excessive. Unfortunately, excessive barking can be a product of boredom. This is most often the case with Pomeranian Husky, who can easily get bored at the pinch of a hat and have no problem verbally expressing that problem to everyone around them. A good way many Pomeranian Husky parents combat this problem is with mentally stimulating games and toys, training, and daily attention. It works wonders and leaves you with happy, stimulated pups.

Dog Barking

Unwarranted Panting: Panting is normal when a dog has exercised a lot and needs to cool off. However, some dogs will pant while doing absolutely nothing.
If you've ruled out any medical issues, he may be bored or anxious. Give him some attention or play a nice game of tug and war with him to snap him out of it.

Dog Panting

Attempting To Escape: If you notice that your dog tries to make a bolt for it out the door every time you open it, he may be bored with his surroundings and ready to go exploring. A good way to combat this is by distracting him with mental stimuli and games or by at least allowing him to rest or sit outside for a bit for a change of scenery.

Dog Tries to Escape

Over Excitement: When you start to notice that your dog is super excited when you come home to the point where his greetings are over the top, it’s because he was bored without you and excited to see you. To help, you should leave some toys for him to play with while you’re gone that can keep his
attention preoccupied for a while. Kongs are a good example of toys that will keep dogs left alone busy since it usually takes them 30+ minutes to get all the treats out of them.

Dog who is excited

Excessive Licking: If your dog starts licking you or himself more, it may not be him trying to be affectionate or clean himself. He could just be bored. He wants your attention so you can give him something to do. Go over some training with him or give him a nice puzzle game to keep him busy.

Dog Licks

Similar to humans, it can be easy for dogs to become bored with their regular everyday routines. There are a couple of signs they give out when they're bored such as excessive licking, over excitement, chewing, and pacing, to name a few. To combat this, simply give them something to take their mind off their boredom, such as puzzle toys, obedience games, and positive reinforcement training. Keeping your pup happy and busy is crucial for their overall health. So, doing anything you can to keep them at least mentally stimulated is important, especially when they can't get their energy out physically.