Man Takes Homeless Dog To Pet Store To Buy Him Everything He Touches


This video revolves around a “rescue dog” named King who had a chance to visit a Petco shop and buy everything he touched. The video, called “Buying a Homeless Dog Everything he Touches,” shows this large dog, who only has three legs because he was hit by a car, roam around the store. Among the items he “touched” were dog food, toys, bones and a huge wooden item which ended up costing around $200 . Along with King was a young man who acted as the host, and a woman who is the Ranch Manager of where homeless dogs live. The goal of this video was to get King, along with other homeless animals, adopted. It was a pleasure to see this dog wagging his tail wildly as he went on his shopping spree!

Amanda Friemann

When I’m not playing with my dog Piper, I’m here posting good news stories about good dogs all the time :)

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