16 Questions | Cole the Deaf Dog

Welcome to another edition of Big Barker's interview series, Sit, Stay, Speak, where we get to know our favorite internet friends and their dogs! The month of July is Disability Pride Month to both celebrate and strive to become better allies to the disabled community. To kick off this special series, we’re featuring our friend Cole! Cole is a deaf dog who uses his disability to show others that having a disability is not an inability (it’s a superpower!). Read more about this amazing pup!

Sit, Stay, Speak
Cole the Deaf Dog and his Owner Chris
1. Names: Chris, Hannah, and Cole the Deaf Dog
2. Occupation: Elementary School music teacher and school therapy dog
3. Location: Vineland, NJ
Did you know that Cole has been nominated for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards? Be sure to vote for Cole, here.
4. If you could ask your dogs one question, what would it be? 
Cole, do you realize the difference that you are making?
5. What's your favorite pic/video you've ever posted and why?
  • That’s hard to choose, lol. The link is of a young boy at a school assembly we were doing who had been so anxious about meeting his hero in person. The look on his face says it all:

    6. What's something your dog is afraid of? 
    The dark.
    Have you seen the Cole Mobile? Fully equipped to spread Cole’s important message with a Backseat Barker SUV bed. Check it out here!
    7. What's the coolest trick your dog knows? 
    The nose beeper (push the magic button spot on his nose and he jumps and spins) or “Speak” in sign language because Cole never barks and it took 6 months to teach him to speak.
    8. What's their weirdest habit? 
    Sucking on peoples thumbs and fingers while napping.
    9. What's the best thing about being an influencer?
    Being able to show the ability within a disability.
    10. What's the biggest struggle you've had as an influencer?
    Getting people's minds past the pitbull breed/special needs stereotype.
    11. What's the most unexpected thing to happen since you started your account?
    Being on national television (GMA, Rachel Ray, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood)
    12. Who are some of your favorite creators?


    13. What's your hidden talent? 
    I’m an aspiring hibachi master🤣
    14. What's your favorite hobby (one dog-related and one not)
    Kayaking/fishing with and without Cole:)
    15. How would you define your dog in three words?
    One special dude.
    16. What's the best piece of advice you've received?
    Look past the naysayers (although there are very few) and keep moving forward with this mission.

    Keep up with Chris, Hannah, and Cole the Deaf Dog on their Instagram and YouTube!


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