The World's First Skiing Dog!

It can take skiers years to master their skills, but on a beautiful day in the Italian Alps, a four-legged friend defeated them all. During the Alpine World Cup, an athlete set off for the men's super-G event. 

As he raced down the hill, he found himself joined by a dog who was previously watching from the sidelines. The joyous dog continued to race down the mountain to the amusement of fans and competitors alike. 

Smiles and giggles could be seen by all as the cameras tracked his speedy run through the course. You can watch this footage below:

While the actual race was postponed, no one in the audience seemed to mind as the pup continued to run, slip, slide, and dodge those trying to stop his fun. 

Follow his tremendous run, he was reunited with his owner, albeit tired out and ready for a nap! "The dog was OK, just a little tired!" a spokesperson for the Italian Alpine Ski Team said. 

Despite not being named on the standing, this dog was able to race his way into the hearts of all those who witnessed this historic event. "The World's First Skiing Dog!"

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