The Pack: Jax The Golden

Welcome to another edition of Big Barker's interview series, Sit, Stay, Speak, where we get to know our favorite internet friends and their dogs! This week we had the honor of interviewing Jax the Golden! Jax was a competitor on the hit Amazon Prime Video show, The PackTwelve teams of dogs and their humans embarked on unforgettable adventures, facing challenges across multiple continents; competing for the $750,000 at stake. Jax and his mom, Vania, took home the third place prize. We loved watching him compete! Read more about him and his mom below:

1. Tell us about your dog: Jax is a 5-year-old Golden Retriever!

2. When did you adopt your dog and how did you know he was "the one"? Jax was the one because he waddled up to us and never left our side. He wasn’t hyper or jumping at us but super chill!

3. How did you hear about joining the Pack? The Pack slid into Jax's DMs and asked us to audition for the show! After several rounds of casting we got invited to a 2 week training session in Los Angeles 🖐

4. What was your favorite challenge to compete in? The best challenge Jax competed in was the finale! He really shocked me with his courageous heart jumping on all the wobbly boats!

5. Where was your favorite country to visit with him?  The best country with Jax was probably Switzerland, it was the first time he had ever seen the snow.

6. What's the coolest trick your dog knows? Definitely his soccer skills ⚽

7. What are you most proud of Jax for? For being so trustworthy of me! He tried his best on the bridge in Costa Rica and even though we didn’t make it across, he trusted me to go out as far as he could 👏

8. Does Jax have a secret talent? He can hold treats on his nose for a long time!

9. What's been the best part of being an influencer post show? Jax has been able to connect with so many other dogs and we all share the same incredible bond with our pets!

10. How did you hear about Big Barker? Big Barker is known for making the most comfy and supportive beds for big pups!! Definitely nice to see REAL dog beds made for big dogs!

11. Why made you decide on a Big Barker bed for Jax? The comfort and reviews were pawsome!! 🐾

12. Does your dog have any health issues? Luckily no, but with big dogs comes joint problems and Jax deserves the best! ⭐

13. What are some things you think it's important that every big dog owner should know? Big dogs are the biggest puppies! They may be large but will always have that silly puppy spirit! 

Thank you so much to Jax and Vania for sharing more of your story with us! We are so happy Jax has a Big Barker bed ♥️ Keep up with them on Instagram!

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