Taking Matters Into His Own Paws! Deputy Franklin & K9 Behr

Deputy Franklin and K9 Behr have been a team since October 2013, and Behr is certified in Narcotics and Patrol. Recipients of many commendations, awards, and K9 field trial certifications, this team is protecting their community every day. Read about how Behr once took matters into his own paws to track down a thief who had outsmarted all the humans—and may not otherwise have been found!

As told by Deputy Tom Franklin

“In Montgomery County about a year ago now, we had a lot of problems with the Felony Lane Gang. There was a series of automobile break-ins in targeted parking lots. The perpetrators would break into cars and steal credit cards and things so they could steal identities. So that was a big problem in Montgomery County.

In March one of the officers tried to stop a car that was associated with the gang, and there was a vehicle accident. The person involved in the crash was a gang member and he fled. All the police officers had information that the guy ran the other way, but Behr took me on the right track. He tracked him to a creek—the guy was submerged up to his neck and Behr was able to locate the area that he was hiding in. It was a good find.”