Sweet Dog Rescued from Dangerous Conditions

Volunteers at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) received calls about a wounded dog tied to fence. They rushed to the scene and realized the magnitude of the situation. They discovered the sweetest soul and jumped into help. 

“His face was swelled up about [five] times the size it should be,” SRSL wrote in a Facebook post. “His wounds went unattended, and he sat there in the sun suffering.” The dog, later to be named Marco, had been their for days, and was accepting of any and all help from the team. “His entire body was filled with infection,” SRSL wrote. “We told him to hang on and to fight.”

After cutting him free from the fence, they brought him to the animal hospital for treatment. “He had become septic,” SRSL wrote on Facebook. “He was in our clinic for months on an IV, antibiotics and other medications to get him back on track.”

Based on his injury, the team suspects he was involved in dog fighting prior to his rescue. Despite a rough past, Marco was still filled with love. “[T]he most amazing part is he still loves and trusts humans,” SRSL wrote. “He still looks to them for love and gives love.”

Overtime, Marco began to make a recovery and return to his old form, free of swelling. He was soon placed into foster care and later adopted by his mom, Katie. “Marco is spoiled rotten … like, really rotten,” Katie wrote in a note to SRSL later shared on Facebook.

“Overall, he has a huge personality and is the perfect combination of silly and sweet and smart and protective. [H]e’s still just the cutest little man with his head tilts,” Katie shared on SRSL’s Facebook. “We love our baby boy, Marco!”


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