This Incredible Woman Saves Dogs From The Streets of St. Louis Every Day

A human angel of canines roams the streets of St. Louis every day, searching for and rescuing homeless, abused and neglected dogs in the area. Unfortunately, there is a large homeless dog population in the area that desperately needs care, of all ages and a variety of breeds. During these rescue missions, you can see she turns looks of absolute hopelessness and makes them slowly disappear as they are taken in to receive care.

Finally, they start to realize that they are safe and can feel at home! As the dogs physically recover from living on the streets, they also emotionally recover, and their full loving nature emerges as they bloom into the wonderful human companions they were born to be. The dogs no longer have to worry about proper shelter from the cold winters or blistering summers, or where they will find a meal. They are free to just be dogs!


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