Neighborhood Dogs Build a Special Bond with Local Man

Nothing is better than cuddling up with a pup. When Catey Hall visits her dad, she sees him taking a nap with all the neighborhood dog's. “Dad sees, plays with and naps with one or more of these dogs on a daily basis,” Hall said. “They come running when they see his car and follow him inside.”

Her father, Lon Watson, has always loved dogs and works with the local Pound on the Hill Rescue. “For as long as I can remember, my dad has rescued stray dogs,” Hall said. “Growing up, we always had a dog. But there was always room for a stray in need. Now that he lives alone with his wife, there's room for several. They work with rescues in the area to find homes for the dogs in need; however, not all of them are re-homed, and they stay with dad forever.”

Watson has four dogs of his home who he and his wife rescued and rehabilitated. Additionally, he receives daily visits from  Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter, and Rosie. They all have a special connection with Watson. “The neighborhood is an unincorporated section of semi-rural Alabama. The houses are set far back from the street, so the dogs can bounce from house to house safely,” Hall said. “The dogs can usually hear my dad's truck coming, and they will meet him in the driveway.” Luckily, the neighbors don't seem to mind the playtime. 

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