Medical Alert Dog Saves Young Girl

Shannon Boggs and her husband were watching TV while home in Virginia when suddenly their dog, Spy, came to alert them. Spy is a Service Dog trained to alert them of their daughter's condition who has Type-1 Diabetes. 

The dog took them to their daughter Raelynn's room where they checked her blood sugar. It was dangerously high at 338 mg/dL. A normal range is between 90 and 150. The family video taped part of the ordeal captioning it, "The nose ALWAYS knows! Even when it's sleeping. This dog is such a blessing to our family! We truly can't be more thankful." You can watch the video here.

The family was able to get her proper medical attention and reduce her level back to normal. Dogs with this training can detect with their noses the scent a person gives off when their blood sugar gets either too high or too low. This skill is life-saving as it is extremely dangerous to have these fluctuating levels.


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