Lock Him Up! The K9 Who Steals His Partner's Morning Cup of Coffee: Officer Howells and K9 Fedor


K9 Fedor and Officer Howells

Officer David Howells has served with the Allentown Police for over ten years and is a 2014 Award of Valor Honoree. His partner and best friend, K9 Fedor, has a serious job—but he always finds time to clown around, too. Check out how this dynamic duo joins forces to catch the bad guys—and get an inside look at some of their specialty K9 gear below!

As told by Officer Howells:

“He’s crazy, he’s rambunctious, and he acts like a two-year-old even though he’s seven-and-a-half. He’s always coming up to the front of the police car and stealing my lunch. He brings it to the back and shreds it. Or he pops the lid off my coffee and drinks all my coffee while I’m out on a call. I come back for my nice cup of coffee, and it’s gone! Everything is fun for him. Everything is play for him.”

Fedor demonstrates his skills—hello!!!

Fedor’s K9 Car, Complete With His Name on the Door!


Officer Howells Showed Us The Interior of The Doggie Car—Sweet!