Dog Who Spent 7 Years In The Shelter Is SO Happy To Have A Family

Older dogs in shelters are often overlooked. Prospective adopters usually think that senior dogs will have health problems and be more work. Pirate was one such older dog. Pirate had been at the shelter for 7 years, almost half her life. People would come to the Oahu SPCA looking for a pet, but no one ever asked to see Pirate. However, Pirate’s life was changed when Jennifer and her husband moved to Hawaii. Jennifer first saw Pirate on the shelter website and her heart melted. The shelter staff were shocked when Jennifer came in the next day to ask about the senior dog. Jennifer felt an immediate bond! Because she didn’t yet have a home ready for the dog, Jennifer spent the next two months visiting the dog every day. Pirate is finally home and each day is filled love and new experiences.