'Clumsy' Puppy has 'Uncontrollable Wobble' - But Won't Let it Hold Her Back

A ten-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier is searching for a place to call home. Luna was diagnosed with Wobblers syndrome, which is a neurological disease in dogs that can lead to loss of coordination and balance.

Despite her condition, Luna is described as a “really sweet girl” and “completely unaware of her disability.” She is a ball of energy who loves to run around and jump up for kisses.

This sweet pup is currently in foster care, but will return to South East Dog Rescue (SEDR) if she can not find a home. The founder of SEDR, Kymm White, is asking for the public’s help to find her a family understanding the “monumental” task.

Luna was brought to SEDR in July 2021 after her previous owner was not able to care for her. Following her arrival, she was diagnosed with Wobblers and as a result falls often and bumps into things.

The hope was for Luna to have surgery to slow progression of the condition at Royal Veterinary College. Unfortunately, this did not happen because of the intense crate recovery that is needed. Luna “detests being in a crate. She will even cause herself severe injury to avoid being in one,” White stated.

It is unlikely for Luna to make it to her third birthday if she does not have surgery. Despite the outlook of her life, Luna is a “sweet-natured, clumsy girl who has heaps of energy and would do just about anything for a treat and a cuddle.”

Luna is vaccinated, microchipped and spayed, and looking for a permanent home that has prior experience with dogs with progressive conditions. Additionally, she would require a quiet environment with no young children or cats, and a secure garden and soft space to move around in case she does fall over. This adorable puppy would be best for someone who can spend a lot of time with her at home, and take her on active walks.

“We know that the type of homes suited to take on a dog like Luna are very few and far between, due to her needs and the emotional commitment,” Kymm said. “I understand this is monumental, and ask that any potential adopter really consider if they can go through such an emotional roller coaster.”

If you are interested in adopting Luna, please visit the South East Dog Rescue website.

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