16 Abandoned Puppies Rescued Thanks To One Heroic Dog

Mitzi Brogdon, President and Director of Street Dog Rescue & Recovery, had just finished rescuing a dog in need, when she locked eyes with a stray standing alone in a gravel lot. She approached the sweet dog, later named Dolly, and instantly blown away at how kind she was.

“She came right up to me, let me pet her,” Brogdon said. While it initially appeared as though she was alone, Dolly kept trying to lead Mitzi down a pathway. “She started walking up the path to the cell tower, and I followed her,” Brogdon said. “That's when I saw all the puppies spilling out from behind this fallen log.”

The puppies emerged one by one as Mitzi counted all sixteen in total. “I’m used to seeing dogs everywhere in Oklahoma,” Brogdon said. “But that many at once was still a shock.”

Soon, Brogdon was able to determine that they were actually from three separate litters. This meant Dolly had become a foster mom to over a dozen puppies, keeping them safe from the elements and away from harm. Brogdon called for assistance and began to get to know the puppies.

Unfortunately, they were very well socialized, meaning they had likely been abandoned and had previously been in a home. Brogdon and her colleague were able to capture all seventeen dogs, but then came the challenge of finding a safe space for them all.

She was able to find a place for all the dogs after going on Facebook and reaching out to Forever Yours Dog Rescue, 405 Animal Rescue, The Fuzzy Friends Fund, and Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

The puppies will soon be up for adoption once they receive their vaccinations. While it should be easy to find homes for them all, Brogdon has had trouble finding a family for the Heroic Dolly. “She’s perfectly adoption ready, she’s a gem,” Brogdon said. “She’s the one who saved those puppies.” She urges those looking to her a chance to find the loving home she deserves. 


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