Adorable Dog Finds Her Forever Family After Rough Beginning

Jane, a six-year-old Border Collie, has had a difficult beginning to her life. She was born as a stray in 2017, and was rescued by the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana (HSNWLA) along with her mom and siblings. 

After receiving amazing care from team at the Humane Society, Jane was ready for adoption. “Jane was originally adopted as a puppy in May of 2017,” detailed Sarrah Walton, a longtime volunteer at HSNWLA. “Her family loved her very much.”

“Unfortunately, Jane just did not like the small dogs in the home,” Walton said. “They tried for years to work with her, but, ultimately, they did the right thing by bringing Jane back to us at the beginning of 2022 to find a more suited home.”

After years of trying to acclimate Jane, the family knew that there was a better family out there for her. They brought her back to HSNWLA to help her find the perfect home. “Jane had to adjust to being back in the rescue,” Walton said. “It is a big change from having been in a comfy home.”

The staff members knew that Jane was struggling to adjust, and they did everything possible to help her. “We did our very best to make sure she was loved on,” Walton said. “She went for car rides, field trips to volunteers’ houses and sleepovers. But it just seemed like no one was interested in adopting her."

While she was waiting to get adopted, Jane soaked up all the love and kisses from the team. She enjoyed all the belly rubs, but what she loved most of all was the office stuffed animals. 

Jane was obsessed with all the animals, and eventually would take them everywhere with her. “Jane loves her babies,” Walton said. “She loves to snuggle up with them. The sloth is her favorite!”

A year after being returned, Jane was adopted by a couple named Sarah and Justin, who were the perfect fit! “She’s a match made in heaven for us,” the couple told Walton. “We are so incredibly blessed to have found her.” Jane even brought her beloved sloth to her new home!


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