Are Orthopedic Dog Beds Worth It?

Are Orthopedic Dog Beds Worth It? 

Today we answer the question, "Are orthopedic dog beds worth it?" Because orthopedic dog bags usually cost more than normal dog beds, which are filled with polyfill. So, I want to show you the answer to this question because it's both a yes and no. Partially because it depends on how good of an orthopedic bed you're buying. Oftentimes, many beds that call themselves orthopedic really just mean they're made of foam. It doesn't mean that they have real orthopedic value.

If you watch the video above, you'll see I have two different foam kits for orthopedic dog beds. The larger sturdier white foam kit is from the inside of an XL Big Barker bed — it's made of American-made foam which is the highest quality stuff you can get in an orthopedic dog bed. It feels like a real bed that you or I would sleep on because we use much higher quality materials than a normal dog bed.

This yellowish small foam pad, on the other hand, is a dog bed we bought off Amazon. This is not a Big Barker bed. This is a very terrible bed that has 5,000 positive reviews on Amazon, believe it or not.

This egg crate foam bed, in my opinion, is certainly not worth anything because when I press down on it with any force whatsoever, I feel the wood directly below it. So, a dog of any size when they lay on this thing, this flimsy rinky-dink foam, is going to immediately feel the hard floor below. This is not going to support the joints of a dog of any size. Therefore, this is not worth spending extra money on.


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A Big Barker, on the other hand, is a real bed. This is an orthopedic bed that costs a significant amount more than the egg crate foam bed, but that's because our beds have real orthopedic value. When you lay on this or your dog lays on it, it's going to make them comfortable. There won't be any pressure from the dog sinking through the bed to the bottom of the floor. This will give them more energy and enhance the quality of life for your dog.


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