No More Limping for Jake

A year before adopting Jake, Karina started a job at a new office in an unsafe area and the future looked bleak. She struggled to stay positive, even though she’s an inspirational speaker and writer. But things started looking up when she met 7-year-old Jake, a giant-sized puppy-like boxer from the house next door.


Jake Smiling

Jake would visit Karina and her colleagues each day at her new office and he became the bright spot in her day. A year later, when it came time for the office to move again, Karina went looking for Jake to say her goodbyes. She hadn’t seen him for a few days and noticed his house looked deserted. Scared for Jake's safety, she went to check on him. She knocked hard on the door, but there was no answer. Peeking through the window, she spotted Jake’s nose and heard his whimper.

She waited outside for hours, wondering if Jake had been abandoned. That evening, his former owner arrived. What Karina learned broke her heart. Jake’s owner was a senior citizen who had to move into a nursing home. Pets aren't allowed at the home and his family didn’t know what to do with Jake. Karina immediately offered to adopt him. 

Picture of Karina and Jake together

A few months after his adoption, Jake started limping. Karina took him straight to the vet who explained it was likely arthritis in Jake’s hip that was causing the limp. 

Karina was determined to give Jake every tool available to alleviate pain while working to reverse joint issues through diet, lifestyle and bedding. Karina was looking for a full spectrum approach to give him the best chance at comfort and better health. 

After relentless research online to find an orthopedic bed  that could help Jake, Karina found Big Barker. One of the things that stood out most to her was the founder’s story about why he started making dog beds. She also appreciated all the science of how Big Barker beds, REAL beds, can truly help big dogs.

Within just a few weeks of having his new Big Barker, Karina shares that she's already noticed serious improvements with Jake. After 6-8 hours of sleep on the bed, he wakes up in the morning, steps off, shakes and starts walking without the usual limp that was noticeable on his former beds. He is now even more energetic too. After about a week of regular use, he stopped lifting his back leg when standing to eat. One of the other improvements is her peace of mind. 

"Just knowing that Jake has something to truly alleviate pressure points brings comfort to me as well and helps me rest better."

Jake sleeping on his Big Barker bed

To Karina and Jake, this bed is truly no comparison. Old beds that Jake had all followed the same pattern. The bed would arrive and feel sturdy and full until Jake slept on it. Then weeks or months later, it would flatten and begin to stay flattened.

"By the time a big dog owner goes through many cheaper beds that have either fallen apart, flattened, or is filled with toxic chemicals, that dog owner could have purchased the right bed the first time with a Big Barker."

Did you know? Big Barker beds are specially engineered to help dogs with joint conditions like arthritis. Click here to learn more.

Jake sleeping on his Big Barker

"Our pets depend on us to make the best decisions for their care. A Big Barker bed, I sincerely believe, is one of the best decisions for a big dog’s well-being and to prolong their mobility and life. I witnessed my dog, Jake, transform from limping, lying down in pain, and waking up with stiffness to healing, walking and even playing after he’d begun sleeping on the Big Barker bed. The gratitude I have is endless towards a company who rolled up their sleeves so to speak and got to work on developing a bed that would actually help my big dog. I’m certain that Jake feels the same."
- Karina

We’re so happy Jake is back to his old self again. 

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