Unleashing Fun: Annual Doggy Date Night with Big Barker

Amidst the whirlwind of duties and rapid routines, it's essential to carve out time for joy and bonding. Welcome to the heartwarming universe of doggy dates, where the bond between you and your dog shines brightest. Join us as we embark on three enchanting rendezvous: a charming photoshoot, a delightful ice cream date, and a cozy spaghetti dinner. Discover why these moments are so meaningful, how to prepare for each, and the magic of capturing memories that will be cherished forever.

🌟 Influencer Spotlight: Caitlin's Doggy Date Night Extravaganza! 🐾

Hi I'm Caitlin and I have two rescue dogs Diesel and Annie. Since I was little, my animals have always been my everything. They do so much for me which is why I always want to do so much for them.  

🍝 Date Night Delight: Spaghetti Edition! 🍝

A fun date night that I did with my dog Diesel is to have our own spaghetti dinner date! To keep it as dog-friendly as pastable (pun intended!) you could create your own noodles out of carrots since they're a super healthy snack for dogs, and top it with plain greek yogurt, pure canned pumpkin, or another healthy dog topper your pup loves! You don't have to go far to do this fun date night with your dog. You could create a picnic set up in your backyard on a blanket or you can set up a space inside. We put our coffee table on our giant Big Barker bed so we could be comfy while we ate!

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🎲 Game On, Paws On! 🎲

If you want to add in some fun activities, why not turn date night into game night? We all love to play games! Get some boxes and do some beginner scent work or get some puzzles out to have some dog enrichment fun! 

🍨 Treats Galore: Dessert for the Pup! 🍨

To make your date night extra special for your dog, you can make them a fun tasty dessert! I love to make frozen lick mats for my dogs that are healthy and nutritious. One idea you could do is plain greek yogurt, strawberries and blueberries!

🐾 Bonding Bliss: Creating Memories with My Pups 🐾

There's nothing better than having fun with my pups. Seeing their pure joy when we do things together is the best feeling in the world and I love that I'm able to do things that make them happy. 

🌟 Influencer Spotlight: Tasia's Perfect Doggy Date Night! 🐾

Hi! I’m Tasia, dog mom to Oso, Koa, and Bam! I’m also a wife, mother to 3 human kiddos, personal trainer, and homeschooler. I’ve been a dog lover since I was a kid, fell in love with my husband because of how he loved his dog, and have passed my love for dogs onto my children. In our home dogs are family, nothing less! We enjoy spending time with them and including them in our daily activities, and family trips.

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🐾 A Tail-Wagging Ice Cream Date! 🍦

Picture this: a cozy afternoon/evening spent at home with my best friends, indulging in homemade doggy ice cream sandwiches. It's not just a treat for the pups; it's a family affair filled with laughter, love, and plenty of puppy snuggles.

🏡 Home Sweet Home: Where the Heart Is 🏡

Our date night unfolds right in the comfort of our home, surrounded by the laughter of our children and the playful antics of our three beloved dogs. Because in our household, dogs aren't just pets – they're cherished members of our family.

🎉 Fun and Games with Furry Friends 🎉

We let the kids and dogs “help” make the dogs ice cream sandwich treats, followed by a cozy movie night! After enjoying their ice cream the pups create a cuddle puddle on the bed and interrupt the movie with snoring.

🍖 Treats Fit for Royalty 🍖

Our pups are treated like royalty, especially on date night! Alongside their delectable ice cream sandwiches, they enjoy extra scraps during the making process – because why should humans have all the fun?

🐾 Unbreakable Bonds: Family, Fur, and Forever 🐾

Our dogs are family and love to just be with us! We try our best to include them in everything we do. We often take each dog individually on “dates/outings” to make them feel even more special.

🌟 Influencer Spotlight: Capturing Precious Moments with Banks, Birdie, Gigi, and Froggy! 📸

As an influencer deeply connected to my dog's, I understand the importance of capturing cherished moments with them. Join me, Natalie, with my beloved pups Banks, Birdie, Gigi, and Froggy, as we delve into the enchanting realm of Doggy Dates: Photoshoot Edition.

📸 Snapshots of Love: A Doggy Date Photo Shoot Extravaganza! 🐾

Get ready for a doggy date like no other – we're diving headfirst into the realm of photo shoots! Picture this: an afternoon filled with laughter, treats, and plenty of camera clicks as we capture our bond. Banks, Birdie, Gigi, Froggy, and I are ready to strike a pose and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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🎉 Fun and Frolic: Games Galore with Banks, Birdie, Gigi, and Froggy! 🎾

Incorporate your dog's favorite toys or playful props into the photoshoot. Squeaky toys or items that make noise can pique their curiosity and encourage them to look in your direction. Engaging them with something they love creates a dynamic and animated atmosphere, resulting in expressive and captivating photos.

🍦 Treats Fit for Royalty: Spoiling Banks, Birdie, Gigi, and Froggy! 🍨

Treats are an invaluable tool in preparing your dog for a photoshoot. Use their favorite treats to reward good behavior, encourage focus, and create a positive association with the upcoming session. This not only makes the experience enjoyable for your dog but also enhances their cooperation during the shoot. Our favorite treats are the chicken hearts from Dr. Harveys!

🐾 Bound by Love: Celebrating Our Unbreakable Bond 🐾

At the heart of it all, our doggy date photo shoot is a celebration of the unbreakable bond we share with Banks, Birdie, Gigi, and Froggy. Through every wag of their tails and every soulful gaze, they remind us of the beauty of unconditional love and the joy of companionship. They're not just pets – they're family, and we're forever grateful for the love and light they bring into our lives.


In conclusion, the heartwarming tales of Caitlin's spaghetti dinner, Tasia's ice cream extravaganza, and Natalie's photo shoot adventure illustrate the joy and bonding found in doggy date nights. Encouraging readers to create their own special moments, these stories highlight the significance of strengthening the human-canine bond. Let's cherish the magic of doggy date nights, celebrating the love and companionship that enrich our lives each day.

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