Whiney Dogs

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Nobody likes a whiney dog. Dogs like this seem needy, uncooperative, and just plain silly. But yet, we love our dogs and want to help them to the best of our ability. So what do we do about the whiney dog.

First, let’s take a step back and gain a bit of perspective. Perhaps the whiney dog is whining because he or she is attempting to communicate with us. And if this is the case, then we ought to pay attention…well, to a degree.

What is your dog trying to communicate?

For one, a whiney dog can just simply be lonely. In the midst of that loneliness your dog wants to play. Now, this can be a concern, because perhaps your little buddy has been neglected for a while. It’s time to dust that leash off, grab the ball and frisbee, and head out to the park. Even if it’s just to the back yard, spend some time with your dog throwing that ball around.

Other times, it’s not so much the playing, but the company that your dog is looking for. If you have an outdoor dog, than consider pulling up a lawn chair in the back yard, taking a book, and sitting outside with your dog while you read. Really, all your dog wants is some companionship.

But at other times, that whining may be a warning sing of more serious issues. Health concerns, pain, of something lingering. If the whining is accompanied with certain movements that are uncharacteristic of your dog, say scratching the ear (possible sing of ear infection), then you may want to get your dog to the vet.

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