What Treats Can Dogs Eat?

We love giving our dogs treats, don’t we? We love to see them get excited, do tricks, suddenly become obedient, or almost…sort of wait patiently as they do that doggie side to side shuffle on their hind feet.

It seems that every time a treat comes, they get even more excited about a potential out of the norm treat…a human treat. They love that morsel from the cutting board or the crumb that falls from the dinner table. But one thing they seem to especially get excited about is fruit. Maybe it’s because they don’t know quite what to do with it. They have fun with it (sometimes they think it’s a ball), and they try to figure out how to eat it. But should they?

You see, this raises a question for us, doesn’t it? What can dogs eat? What’s a treat, and if you will pardon the tardiness of my question, and what’s a trick?

Dogster has some help for us today with an informative article on all things doggy treats…ranging from grapes to raisins to bananas.

Did you know that grapes and raisins are in fact toxic to dogs? Actually, I just learned that one recently, myself.

So what can they eat? Try apples, bananas, pears. But one thing you will need to do about the apples and pears is to watch the seeds. Make sure your dog doesn’t get a hold of those because it can cause them to really become ill.

Now, one thing dogs can’t eat are peaches, because the pit of a peach contains cyanide (who knew!) and it may seep out and into the flesh of the peach itself. Your dog will seriously get sick from this.

Check out the rest of the article for more advice.

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