Those Last Moments Lovingly Remembered

Dog Race

We love our dogs. There is no doubt about that. We care for them and treat them as a part of the family, because they are. When our dogs are sick, it is as if our very own child is sick before us, because (you guessed it) our dogs are our children.

So when our dogs become very ill, or there time has come, it can be one of the most heart-wrenching and personal losses we will feel in our lives. How we cope and remember our dogs is part of the grieving process we go through.

Today we have one uplifting story that reminds of how important it is to build memories that will last. Kristin Zabawa is a Portland photographer who helps dog owners through the process of that grief by capturing moments with their beloved animals.

She takes photos of owner and best friend together, capturing moments and glimpses of happiness so that there may be lasting memories.

Though it does not take away from the pain of grief and loss, such moments captured do help in the overall healing process. Take a look today at this wonderful story.


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