Millie, Lana, and Shana...Newest Recruits in the Armed Forces

Great news for our soldiers overseas…the US Naval Hospital in Guam just received a few more recruits to help in the overall therapy of patients there. They come in the form of Millie, Lana, and Shana…3 therapy-assist dogs who help patients in the process of recovery.

We’ve highlighted these special dogs before, and once again it’s a pleasure to report that we see more and more of them in action around the world. These particular dogs have under gone intensive training to teach them to be calm in the midst of these patients. It’s been proven clinically that the more interaction patients have with these types of dogs, the more beneficial it is to their recovery. How so?

The condition of caring for someone else, like a dog, helps soldiers and patients to cope with various issues in their lives. Whether it is post-traumatic syndrome or physical recovery, by focusing on something, or someone, external to them they are able to cope better with their own internal pain.

So here’s hoping that these 3 very, very special dogs—Millie, Lana, and Shana—will be of wonderful service to those who are in the process of recovery right now.