Are You Talking to Me?!?

Can our dogs understand us? Do they understand the words that are coming out of our mouths? Well, according to one researcher, the answer is yes. Sort of.

You see, what dogs understand are the emotional intonations and cadence of our voice. Now, we’ve known that for a while. But this study also argues that our dogs understand us.

This, too, we have known…they certain understand monosyllabic, repetitive commands. “Sit,” “Come,” “Stay” of course are all at the top of the list.

But let’s put these two things together now…and see if we can figure out just how much our dogs understand.

I’m sure each of you, in your own way, have spent time talking to and pouring out your hearts to your dogs. And it seems like they understand. They will put a consoling paw on your lap or lay their heads there in empathy.

Are they really understanding you? Yes. To a degree. They understand those emotional intonations all too well, and they indeed will empathize with you and seek to cheer you up.

Let’s celebrate our barkers…so much love wrapped up in an unconditional gift of fur.


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