Tag You're It!

sick dog


Ok, I’ll admit…terrible headline. But what do you do with a story like this? This is an all too common problem we see in our dogs. What am I talking about? Skin tags. Those loose pieces of skin that seem to form on our dogs that look like tags. These formations are normally seen in older dogs, and it is a sign of growing older. What they are is simply fat deposits along the body of your dog. As a dog grows older, you will tend to see these come out more and more. So though you won’t see them as much in younger dogs, it is common to see it more and more in your older dog.

What do you need to know about them? Well, these “tags” are sometimes simple nuisances, but at other times they may serve as an early warning sign for something more nefarious. These tags can be a sign of cancer in your barker. What you are seeing on the outside may be a sign of even worse going on in the inside. So you are going to want to have these tested by your vet.

To learn more about a possibly important sign and clue to your dog’s health, read today’s article.

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