Obesity is not just an epidemic for people...our dogs are getting a bit chubs as well

A great video for us today, and some food for thought…most of our pets are actually obese! Hmm…I wonder why? Could it be that we ourselves are having a hard time moving around on a regular basis. If we are having a hard time, then surely our dogs will as well since they aren’t going to walk themselves!

So what can you do? Well, today we have some advice for you in the following video. Watch it and really consider what it’s advocating. Remember, if we truly love our dogs then we will certainly want to take care of them. We love healthy, energetic dogs. And you know, as we care for them they will turn around and do the same for us…because we know for sure they want healthy, energetic owners(!) who regularly hit those trails with them to get that exercise in.

So have a watch and then go for a walk! Have fun, you two!