And you know what they do…that’s right, they creep. So what happens when your dog’s a creeper? Maybe she started outside in the backyard. But then she slowly made her way into the house, perhaps in the kitchen. But then something interesting happened. In the early mornings she would be scratching at your bedroom door, or asleep in the hallway…

But then one day it happens. You feel that nose moving around by the side of your bed, that little whimper…and in a fleeting moment of warm compassion you welcome your dog not just into your bedroom but onto your bed!

Mission accomplished! Hahahaha. Oh happy dog!

So are you faced with this dilemma and are wondering what to do? Should we let her into the bedroom and on the bed? Or not?

Decisions, decisions.

Let us help you today by considering a few things in the following article. It helps with some helpful reminders regarding allergies and one’s quality of sleep when a pet is involved in the bedroom. You see, these are very real concerns when it comes to whether you’ll have a dog in the room or not.

For more pertinent information regarding your creeper, check out the story.

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