Bull Love

pit bull


Pit Bulls often get a bum rap in the media. They are portrayed as mean and vicious dogs that are used for guard duties. We often hear of them in the news because they have attacked someone. Many people are afraid of these dogs for this reason.

But honestly, this could not be further from the truth. One thing we have noted many times is that dogs are not instinctively vicious, per se. Rather, they are trained to be this way. They are taught. That’s right. A dog is a domesticated animal. They are not going to attack anyone unless provoked and trained over time to behave that way.

So what’s a pit bull like? Well, for one thing, they are obviously very muscular and strong animals. They are known for their speed and faithfulness. They have a lot of energy and need to be exercised daily…and this is not the walk around the block sort of exercise. They need a good, exhausting time of exercise on the daily.

Pit Bulls are completely safe around children. In fact, they are gentle…if they are properly trained. The problems you hear about in the media are from dogs that have been mishandled or treated to fight. This is terrible, and we believe that you can have a very safe and trusting relationship with a well bred and cared for pit bull.

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