Bentley being cared for while his mom recovers...

Earlier we shared some advice regarding Ebola and your dogs. Can you catch it from your dogs? Absolutely not. So don’t worry.

In that story we referenced the dog in Spain who was unfortunately euthanized by authorities out of a general sense of fear. What happened to the dog in Dallas, TX who belongs to the nurse here who is currently in recovery from the Ebola virus? Many feared that he, too, would be euthanized out of a fear of the unknown.

However, the Dallas authorities made it clear that they had no intentions of doing such, and that they were going to quarantine Bentley for the next 21 days. So how is he doing? Why don’t you have a look…


We just want to say thank you to the Dallas authorities for doing the right thing and taking care of Bentley while mom gets better.

Kate Roberts

Great Dane loving shelter volunteer, who enjoys writing about dogs as much as looking after them!