14 Huge and Lovable Dogs



We love a big dog. Okay, okay…we love huge dogs! There’s so much to hold on to and pet. We love them to death. And we know that our huge dogs love us as well.

That’s one of the main reasons we want to provide such love and care for these beautiful and gorgeous animals. Today we have an awesome gallery of pics of huge dogs that just love to be picked up by their owners.

And when they get too big to be picked up? Well, they love just sitting on top of their owners. And when they get a bit tired? You guessed it. That’s right…they love laying down on those owners.

Take a look at this gallery and let us know your dog’s favorite relaxing place. Is it in front of the fire place, or perhaps by the rocking chair…or maybe it’s even on you. Okay, maybe it’s you wherever you happen to be!

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