Real Beds Change Lives.
Here's the Proof!

Big Barker is the first dog bed that’s been clinically proven to improve quality of life for large dogs.

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An Ivy League University Put the Big Barker to the Test

In a clinical study conducted by University of Pennsylvania, owners reported that the Big Barker bed reduced joint pain and stiffness, improved joint function and gait, and led to improved nighttime restfulness in large dogs with arthritis.

Orthopedic Experts Weigh In On The Study

"It was the simple fact that the pets sought out the bed"

Dr. Matt Brunke

Rehab Specialist, Veterinary Surgical Centers

"This adds a new tool for helping my patients with osteoarthritis"

Dr. Robin Downing

Founder, Downing Center for Animal Pain Mgmt.

Big Dogs Need Real Beds
It takes superior engineering to create superior support.

Big dogs need more than just normal dog beds, they need REAL beds. Beds designed to truly support their body, relieve their pressure points, and provide therapeutic rest.

That’s why Big Barker dog beds are scientifically engineered and clinically proven to improve physical wellness and quality of life for big dogs at every stage of their lives.

A Big Barker Bed is NOT a Luxury — It’s a Necessity.

Giving your big dog a better, healthier, more pain-free life is as simple as saying yes to purchasing a Big Barker bed.You hold the key to keeping your big dog youthful for longer and bringing your older dog back to his best.

Big Barker dog beds will improve the health and wellbeing of your big dog by reducing pain and joint stiffness associated with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and natural aging.

Make Big Barker a part of your big dog’s standard of care—healthier joints and happier days are sure to follow.

Proven to perform well under pressure.

Big Barker’s health benefits have been clinically proven to result in better naps, better nights, and better years.
The color-coded pressure maps below demonstrate how Big Barker’s triple-layer foam structure prevents painful pressure points.

Big Barker

Normal Dog Beds

Big Barker: The orthopedic foam structure distributes weight evenly and eliminates pressure points.

Normal Dog Beds

Pressure points (Red and Yellow areas) create massive discomfort

4 INCH MEMORY FOAM BEDS: These beds exhibited dramatic pressure points in all common resting positions.

POLYFILL “PILLOW” BED: Complete collapse of the bed structure causes dogs to suffer from severe and dramatic pressure points.

Here's What Vets Say About Big Barker

Dr. Alison Birken, DVM

Many pet parents don’t realize that their dog’s bed has a tremendous impact on the dog’s quality of life. Thin, flimsy, flat beds cause pressure points that hurt tender joints making it hard to rest and harder to sleep soundly. Big Barker beds are specifically designed to eliminate pressure points and reduce pain, even in animals without any previously diagnosed joint issues.

Victoria Park Animal Hospital - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dr. Christopher Powell, DVM

Our patients with a history of joint or back pain have reported back to us better movement and an overall happier disposition since using Big Barker dog beds.

Richmond Valley Veterinary Practice - Staten Island, MY

Dr. Tim Schwab, VMD, DACVS-SA

Big Barker beds have been very useful for postoperative patients, particularly dogs recovering from neurosurgical procedures who are often prone to developing serious bedsores.

Metropolitan Veterinary Associates - Valley Forge, PA

Our Promise To You

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I trust this bed with Hank's health. Try it for a year. If you don't feel the same sense of pride that I do when you see your own dog resting peacefully on their new bed, let me know, and you won't pay a penny.

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