About Us


We're Big Barker.  In the picture above, that's me (Eric), Hank (the big hyena looking guy), Sophia (the bulldog with no neck), and my wife Rose (who hates her facial expression in this picture).

I used to own a retail dog supply business from 2006 - 2012.  We sold millions of dollars worth of products, including thousands and thousands of dog beds.  We sold designer products from hundreds of small manufacturers that you couldn't find in the big pet stores.

However, the one thing that was always hard to find was items for big (and REALLY big) dogs.  Finding good quality stuff for a Beagle?  Easy.  For a Mastiff?  Not so easy.  So I decided to start my own brand that has these core values:

  1. Focus on big dogs
  2. Only make "best in category" quality
  3. Made in America.  Always.
  4. Offer the best warranty & return policy possible

Our first product line is the Big Barker Dog Beds.  I took the feedback and experiences from my previous business, partnered up with a small workshop in Northern California that's run by one of the world's leading experts in foam engineering, and worked together to design the world's best dog bed for big dogs.

At the time I'm writing this, our beds have 83 reviews on Amazon.  Average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 stars. It looks like big dog owners like our beds too.

We're working on some new products right now, stay tuned for details.

Since we're a very small company, we're always pretty easy to get a hold of.  If you need us for anything, please get in touch.


Eric Shannon

Owner, Big Barker

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