Michele & Goosey Speak on the Big Barker Sofa Conversion Kit

we’re so grateful that we got to ask Michele questions this week about her experience with the sofa conversation kit. Here is what she had to say:

 Tell us about yourself & your pup & what makes them special.

Having worked in the retail book industry for nearly 30 years, I’m now currently enjoying volunteering in the Dane rescue community. In fact, I just recently adopted a 16-month-old fawn girl (think, if Scooby-Doo had a little sister!) Her name is Goosey, and she is just now learning about this great big world in front of her. She was very under-socialized as a young pup, so every experience for her now is about building her confidence. Fortunately, she loves to ride in the Jeep – on her Backseat SUV Barker, of course!! We are working with an awesome trainer and have already visited marinas, walking trails, and our locally-owned pet stores (where the teams are all rooting for her). I just try to make every moment count – even the quiet ones we spend together. Trust-building happens just as much on a dog bed. And, in the kitchen! I love cooking Indian cuisine, and she’s happy to supervise, and occasionally give her opinion of the menu. Goosey is becoming quite the fan of fresh veggies!

 What is your favorite thing about your pet?

Goosey is a primo Cuddle Monster at home. And anyone who has a Dane (or a Dane posse ) knows that life doesn’t get much better than that! But what I really love about the Goose is her resilience and her tricky ‘fact-checking’ like peeking around the doorway to see if I somehow evaporated after leaving the room. If she were to order her own t-shirt, it might say, “Kinda, Sorta Brave”.

Are you involved in rescue, & if so, can you give us a bit of information about what you do?

Hahaha, yes, one of my favorite questions!! I have been in rescue for most of my life, but primarily Dane rescue since 2012 when my BIGGEST Big Barker fan, my sweet Admiral, joined my life. A hometown hero, he inspired me to do anything I could to help other Danes in need. As a volunteer, we educate people about the breed and meticulously match up available Danes with families looking to adopt. Behind the scenes, volunteers do Dane evaluations, interview interested families, complete vet/home checks, do transports – everything to ensure that Danes are placed in the most loving and responsible homes. But fostering a Dane is really the heart-stabber…in a GOOD way!! Being their bridge from surrender, stray, neglect, etc., to seeing a Dane flourish with a brand new start – well, that is everything! When we attend local events, people can really see the amazing friendships that develop between volunteers, adopters, and other community partners.

Tell us your experience with the BB sofa conversion kit.

 Wow! It’s like a magic kit in a BIG orange box! In fact, my Goosey climbed right in the box after I took out all the pieces. It was so easy to put together, especially since we already had a waterproof liner on our sleek bed. That just makes covers slip on so easily. I also love the way the zippers slide right into a little pocket. That keeps them secure and also protects your floors. So, was it quick to do? Well, it would’ve been, had Goosey not wanted to be an integral part of the set-up – as in, inspecting every component and needing to take a quick nap on each piece. Once assembled though, she hopped right in. It was like a magnet for her, especially since she likes to roll on her back for belly rubs. No more tumbling off the edge of the bed! I also think the sofa conversion kit is a great addition to the accessory line, especially for senior dogs, and those with anxiety. That feeling of being “tucked in” by 3 bolsters creates a sense of comfort and safety. And who doesn’t love options? It’s like having 2 beds in one, and we already love it so much!

Anything else you’d like us to know?

We are just so grateful for having discovered these amazing beds. Many of us often joke that we wish we had bigger homes, so we could have MORE Barkers! Aside from the technology that goes into all the products, there is also the stellar customer service, quick turnaround time and ease when ordering, and so many great promotions. Not to mention, all the fun social media interaction and inspiring dog stories. It’s just such a great community to be a part of.

As we conclude, the joy of dog parenting, paired with Big Barker's Sofa Conversion Kit, creates a cozy haven for pets and their humans. Goosey's journey highlights how thoughtful pet products profoundly impact our dog's.


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