The Big Barker Sofa Conversion Kit

Welcome, dog enthusiasts and proud pet parents! Today, we're excited to share insights from a recent chat with one of our valued customers about the Big Barker Sofa Conversion Kit. At Big Barker, we're all about elevating your dog's comfort, and our Sofa Conversion Kit does just that by effortlessly turning their cozy bed into a stylish sofa bed.

Imagine your dog's favorite Big Barker bed transformed into a snug haven with our innovative kit. We sat down with a customer to get the lowdown on how this simple yet brilliant accessory has enhanced their dog's lounging experience. 


Meet Michele and Goosey!

Meet an individual with nearly three decades in the book industry, now passionately involved in Dane rescue. They recently adopted Goosey, a 16-month-old fawn, showcasing Big Barker's versatility with the Backseat SUV Barker.

Goosey's journey includes resilience-building from marinas to pet stores, guided by a skilled trainer. Trust-building happens on a comfy dog bed and in the kitchen, where Goosey supervises the human's Indian cuisine passion.

Described as a primo Cuddle Monster, Goosey's charm lies in her resilient spirit and 'fact-checking' habit – peeking around to ensure her human hasn't vanished. Since 2012, our advocate has been dedicated to Dane rescue, matching dogs with loving families and fostering, witnessing majestic transformations.


Michele and Goosey's Experience with the Big Barker Conversion Kit 


Now, let's dive into the magic of the Big Barker Sofa Conversion Kit, aptly described as a "magic kit in a BIG orange box." Assembly becomes a delightful challenge when Goosey insists on being an integral part of the process, inspecting every component and, of course, taking a quick nap on each piece. Once set up, the transformation is magnetic for Goosey, providing a secure haven for her back-rolling belly rub sessions.

The benefits of the Sofa Conversion Kit extend beyond mere aesthetics. Its design, complete with bolsters, offers comfort and safety, making it an excellent addition to the accessory line – particularly beneficial for senior dogs and those with anxiety. As our interviewee aptly notes, it's like having two beds in one, and they already love it.

In expressing gratitude for discovering Big Barker beds, our interviewee marvels at the community's camaraderie, highlighting stellar customer service, quick turnaround times, easy ordering, promotions, and the engaging social media presence that fosters a sense of belonging.

This heartwarming tale encapsulates the essence of the Big Barker community – where the love for dogs, comfort, and the joy of shared experiences converge to create a haven for both pets and their devoted humans.

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