U.K. Rescue Dog Finally Adopted After Waiting Over 500 Days

After a long wait, a ten-year-old Terrier finally has a place to call home. Buddy, spent over 500 days in a shelter waiting to be adopted after being surrendered to a vet in North Somerset, England. The pup was brought to the vet to be put down because of his challenging behavior, but luckily, the vet refused to euthanize Buddy. He was then taken to RSPCA to find his new fur-ever home.

RSPCA deputy manager Katy Darelli describes the pooch as, “an affectionate chap who sadly had a less than ideal relationship with his previous owner. Buddy began to retaliate to these experiences, at which point ownership was relinquished to us after a request for euthanasia was rejected by his vet.”

Brent Knoll, a worker at RSPCA, used positive reinforcement training to help Buddy develop a better temperament along with a plethora of affection. Despite the efforts however, Buddy went unadopted for over 500 days.

Finally on Tuesday, it was announced that Buddy had been adopted by a “very happy” UK couple. The announcement was made on Facebook stating, “Buddy is settling in very well, he hasn't stopped all day playing ball and going around the field.”

RSPCA concluded, “Thank you so much to all who have shown interest in his story and offered support.”

Buddy provides a glimmer of hope for all dogs waiting for adoption that they too will one day find a fur-ever family to call their own.

If you would like to support the North Somerset branch, please visit this link.

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