Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Your Big Dog

Big dog owners know that it’s a challenge to find good-quality products that can stand up to the rough and tumble ways of big-breed dogs. Larger, more powerful jaws can easily chew through flimsy dog toys in a matter of minutes, failing to keep your big boy or girl entertained for long and potentially posing a choking hazard. Special health considerations and size restrictions for big dogs need to be kept in mind. Just in time for Black Friday, here is a list of the coolest big-dog gear going, guaranteed to keep your best buddy happy and comfortable over the holidays—and beyond.


New for 2016!

Big Dogs require a ball with substance to stand up to a strong mouth and teeth. The Hero ball is made of solid rubber, so it’s durable for chewers but still soft enough for those with tender sides. Your dog will look forward to the Hero ball’s fast-action bouncing, which is also good for fetchers. This ball is a true hero, saving you and your dog from the disappointment of easily destroyed, boring old tennis balls.



KONG ™ Wobbler

An old classic, but a good one! The Wobbler is a food dispensing toy and does double duty to slow down dogs who like to wolf down their food. It’s also great for mental stimulation. KONG ™ is known for their well-made dog toys and is often one of the first brands to be suggested for big dogs because of the durability of their toys and materials. Pet parents love the Wobbler because it opens for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.



Growl Towel’s Circle of Love

Order one for the dog, and you may decide you want one, too! These incredibly cute, dog-themed towels are perfect for big dogs who make big, wet messes. Use them for drying off, or laying out at the park or beach. Their eye-catching circular design is perfect for protecting your favorite chair from claws and hair. Choose the velour side or the cotton side depending on your needs.



Caitec Sticky Bone

Speaking of those big-dog sized messes, the Sticky Bone is a treat-dispensing toy fitted with suction cups, perfect for sticking to a tile wall during bath time for a welcome distraction while you bathe or groom your dog.


Boomer Balls

They don’t get any tougher than this! Inspired originally by pigs (which, as rumor has it, will eat anything), these toys are a top choice of zoos to provide enrichment and exercise for their larger animals. Offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, you can select the perfect ball for even the biggest of dogs. If they have one big enough for a polar bear to play with, you know they have something for your Dane or Saint Bernard!



Blue-9 Canine Gym in a Box

An indoor home gym for your dog? Why not?! It can be difficult to keep your dog exercised properly when the days get colder and shorter. The Canine Gym is great for muscle building, toning, joint stabilization, or target training. And this modular set is flexible to accommodate the needs of your space—keep it simple with a few pieces or add to it over time to really challenge your dog. Now your best friend can also become your best workout buddy!



Tucker Box Bowls

Big dogs, tall dogs, deep-chested dogs, and drooly dogs can all benefit from raised dishes. No more stretching, stooping, or making such a mess. Tucker box bowls take dog dishes from cheap and yucky to stylish and functional.


Red Dog

Wooly ™ Snuffle Mat

Challenge food gulpers to slow down by using a Snuffle Mat at meal time to fulfill your dog’s instinctive desires to forage and find food. The Wooly Snuffle Mat mimics a grassy foraging area to provide physical as well as mental stimulation during mealtime. Dogs’ brains are hardwired to hunt or scavenge for food, so using their nose is an exciting and enriching activity. Snuffle mats are handmade from upcycled, sustainable materials by a woman-owned and -operated company, so everybody wins!



West Paw Design Zisc

Frisbee is a great game for dogs to learn some impressive tricks, but finding a quality flying disc can be a real challenge. West Paw has come out with a design that is easy on teeth yet durable for play. Not only is it dishwasher safe and recyclable, but it’s also Latex-, BPA-, and Phthalate-free. The coolest part is that it’s available in a Glow edition for use at night. Just charge in bright light for 5 minutes and go play!


And the #1 holiday gift for your big dog is..

Big Barker SUV Bed

Big Barker SUV Bed, the Backseat Barker


New for 2016!

Just in time for the holidays, Big Barker is super excited to announce our first new product in years… the Backseat Barker, the first-ever shock-absorbing dog bed made specially for the back of an SUV! Now your big boy or girl can go with you anywhere in style and total comfort. Dogs with joint pain—or any other sort of pain—will finally be able to go anywhere and everywhere in the car without absorbing all the bumps and potholes along the way. And your dog doesn’t have to have arthritis to appreciate the Backseat Barker—in fact, once you place the Backseat Barker into your SUV, you’ll realize how uncomfortable a ride on the hard floor of the back of the car can be for your best friend.

The Backseat Barker has the same 2-stage foam construction as our traditional Big Barker beds. Rest assured that the Backseat Barker is made in the USA of American, furniture-grade foam, just like the Big Barker and the Barker Jr. The Backseat Barker is available in 3 sizes, so no matter what size SUV you have, there’s a Backseat Barker to meet your needs.

This holiday season, give your dog a gift that she’ll really appreciate—a safe and smooth ride!


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