14-Year-Old Gets The Best Early Christmas Present When Missing Dog Returns Home

14-year-old Carter was on his way to a blue Christmas this year, having spent a heartbroken three weeks missing his beloved pug, Piper, a sweet 2-year-old pooch that vanished during a trip to the yard to “do his business." The family pet was a gift to Carter on his 12th birthday, a loving companion to console him after his baby brother tragically passed of cancer.

Recently, 21 days since Piper flew the coop, the local shelter called to say Piper had been found! Carter’s mom covered the pug in colorful bows and headed for school to surprise her son with his long-lost pal. When Carter approached the car, he took one look at his friend and burst into tears. When he got into the vehicle, Piper jumped onto his lap and the two shared an emotional reunion, filled with tears of joy and wagging.


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Amanda Friemann

Big Barker Senior Marketing Assistant