Top 6 Traditions with Your Dog

There are special traditions that you may do with your family to celebrate unique holidays and moments… but what about traditions with your dogs? We took this question to our community to see their answers and get some new ideas for special traditions with our four-legged friends. Check out their answers and see if you could have any new traditions that can bring into your routine.

Food-Related Traditions

Dog Food

Quite possibly the one thing that a dog loves more than anything… FOOD! Many community members said that their dogs and them enjoyed sharing food, especially fruit! One community member says that she will always give her dog a blueberry and then eat one herself). One pup also gets to share noodles with his person when they eat spaghetti. Even though most dogs love food, one community member shared that she and her dog love being picky together. 

Snuggling Traditions

Person Snuggling with Their Dog

It’s starting to get colder outside, which gives dog owners the perfect excuse to cuddle up close with their dogs. Members of the community shared some of their favorite traditions they have with their dogs include laying on the floor and talking about their days. Human and pet interaction and physical touch has many health benefits, which makes this a wonderful tradition. 

Funny Traditions

Funny Dog

Some traditions are really funny, like when their dog decides to give hugs to only mom but skips out on dad on a regular basis. Also, some people mentioned that their dogs always choose their favorite toy and bring it to them when they are excited to see them. Does your dog do anything silly? 

Morning and Nighttime Routines

Dog's Morning and Night Routine
Many community members mentioned that having a special tradition with their dog in the morning and night can be one of the best things to look forward to. Whether they had a good or bad day, they knew that moment was always waiting for them. When the sun comes up, some traditions community members shared were taking vitamins together in the morning. Also in the morning was, of course, early morning snuggles and walks. When the sun sets, some community members have Greenies before bed to keep those teeth clean. To wrap up their day, many people lay in their dog’s Big Barker bed and cuddle and read a bedtime story. 


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Special Walks

Morning Traditions

Walks are some of the most fun moments between a person and their pup. Community members shared that some of their favorite traditions with their dogs are taking special walks together. One answer we received was about solo sniff walks. A solo sniff walk is when dogs get a chance to be off-leash and sniff around. Another type of special walking tradition is going hiking so you and your pup can escape and enjoy the fresh air.

Going to Cool Places

Special Walks

One of the last types of traditions that our friends share with us is going to cool places. Some of the places the community shared with us was volunteering at the animal shelter and going on a morning drive before going to the park.

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