The Marshall Fire Hero Named Amber

Devastating news in Colorado took place as the Marshall Fire swept through multiple cities, taking out over 1200 houses and destroying businesses and stores in its path. Louisville, Superior and Boulder Colorado citizens were alarmed and shocked to be evacuated from their homes earlier this month when an unexpected fire began to destroy properties and buildings at a rapid pace.

Marshall Fires

Displaced Pets

Tragically, over 1500 pets were displaced from their owners as pet-parents fought the tornado-like winds and unimaginable smoke to try and get home from work or errands to their beloved fur-family, but were unable to due to the severity of the fires. 

Marshall Fires

Families reached out to the internet in panic, not knowing if their homes had survived the fires, but even worst not knowing if their homes had survived. As time passed, families continued to become more desperate as they were unable to find their beloved pets and news immersed that their homes had been destroyed.  

From the Ashes Heroes Rise

Marshall Fire Hero Amber

As families feared the worst, a Hound dog named Amber who works with a nonprofit called Justice Takes Flight began to help find lost pets. Justice Takes Flight is a Non-profit group that helps Colorado families find their loved ones. They help in a variety of way from flyers to bloodhounds. This nonprofit uses scent hounds to work to find missing people and dogs. Amber quickly began to come out to help serve her community.  As thousands faced the fire devastation, Amber rose to the occasion by using her scent skills and getting to work searching for missing pets amongst the Marshall Fire ash and debris.

Amber Helps Provide Closure

Amber, to date, has found many dogs that were displaced in the Marshall Fires. She has located several missing dogs and been able to relocate them and connect them with their families. Additionally, Amber has found the passed remains of many dogs in the fire debris. Their families were eternally grateful to find and gain closure in knowing the fate of their pets, rather than being left to wonder forever. 

"15 families. More to do today, tomorrow, and so on. So much devastation with way too many families and pets effected. Our hearts hurt for every single family. Every single person. Every single pet. Over the last week we have watched people as they stare at the pile of what was their home, some for the very first time, waiting to receive news about their beloved four legged family member. More often than not it's sad news.This is the lives of our neighbors. This is what's going on in Superior and Louisville Colorado. Please be kind to everyone you meet. This side of the world is really hurting. Here is a picture of Amber marking a location. A bone was found a little while later", Justice Takes Flight

Amber from the Marshall Fires
Amber is a true hero.
We thank Amber for her dedication and hard work during this tragedy. Thank you to the entire Justice Takes Flight team and Amber for being willing to work hard to help the many families that were affected by this crisis.

Amber and Justice Takes Flight