Paws of Honor: Gento and Thayer

K9 Gento was an explosive detection canine.  He searched for bombs, IED’s, explosive odor.  He worked for the US Secret Service, in protection of 2 Presidents, Vice Presidents and many Domestic and Foreign dignitaries all over the World. 

“My poor partner has many health issues.  He is a fighter and loves his family.  He is 12.5 years old.  Thankfully and with God's blessing, Gento has no terminal or cancerous issues.  The years of working took a toll on his body.  He has arthritis in several spots in his body, degenerative and bulging discs.  About 2 months ago Gento woke up and could not support his hind legs and could not walk.  With the help of Bush’s Urologist, VSCR and Paws of Honor Gento was given treatment.  He’s been on a steroid treatment, and finally coming off this week.” -Gento’s handler, James.

Gento’s favorite things to do now are being in the middle of everything we do.  Gento greets us at the door! Gento still has work, and loves when he can attend a Paws of Honor event.  He's not the most social with other dogs , but loves meeting people and receiving treats. He also goes to hockey, lacrosse and volleyball games to support his human brother and sister.  We have two grand babies who are finally learning to play with Gento. 

He might be in an old man's body, but he will always be my little man.