Fact vs. Fiction: Dog Food Myths Busted | Arthritis Awareness Week Day 5 | Dr. Hannah Capon and Dr. Cecilia Villaverde



 If you missed our last Arthritis Awareness Week event — we’ve got you covered. 

Earlier this morning, Dr. Hannah and Dr. Cecilia Villaverde discussed the biggest influence that diet can have on pain management and arthritis development or progression in our final Facebook Live event of Arthritis Awareness Week.  Dr. Villaverde discussed the grain free/raw/baked/vegetarian/vegan hype diets.  Dr. Villaverde also discussed mobility diets and whether they are worth it or not.  Lastly, the two discussed exciting new prospects on the canine diet front. 

Fact vs. Fiction: Dog Food Myths Busted

In addition to the advice shared during their conversation, our experts also recommended a few resources to help owners of younger dogs suffering from joint health issues:

• The WSAVA body condition score chart that can help you determine if your dog is at a healthy weight. (Always check with a vet to be sure!)

• The clinical study completed by University of Pennsylvania on the impact that Big Barker beds have on dogs with arthritis. 

• To read an interview with Dr. Cecilia Villaverde, click here