Edward Gets Surgery

If you don't already know Edward, you're missing out! Edward is receiving medical treatment with Brave Barkers, a nonprofit that helps animals receive care for the joint conditions or ailments that are causing them pain.

Edward Gets Surgery

Exciting news for Edward- he was able to have his Patella Repair surgery with Dr. DeNardo at Pennridge Animal Hospital in Perkasie, PA.

Since Edward was having severe pain in his knee, he was in need of a groove to be put into the bone and the patella on the right, hind knee. This surgery helped to secure the knee and keep it from moving around which was causing pain. Thankfully, by securing the knee, Dr. DeNardo was able to give Edward the gift of mobility! 

Why Did Edward Need Surgery?

Edward was suspected to have been hit by a car and left on a farm in Lancaster County, PA. His right, hind leg showed trauma on X-ray that clearly was not addressed prior to being accepted into Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue and receiving a medical assessment at Pennridge Animal Hospital.

The break in his leg that went untreated had healed improperly and caused his leg to be shorter than the other. The patella repair surgery would ensure better mobility for Edward as the improper healing put a strain on the patella.

Not only will it improve his mobility, but will reduce pain over time. This would give Edward a better quality of life and best chance for adoption!

Below, you can see Edward walking into his surgery!

How Did Surgery Go?

The surgery was a success! Edward is healing well and tolerating his activity restrictions but also getting time out of his cone for puzzles and sniffing on short leash walks. He is not experiencing any pain and is as happy as ever! 

Edward's Recovery

Edward is on his way to recovering, spending more time being a dog and having fun, and less time being in pain!

We are so grateful for the update, on this sweet boy! We cannot wait to continue to see Edward's recovery journey.

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