Pain Management and Rehabilitation of Dogs with Arthritis | Arthritis Awareness Week Day 4 | Dr. Hannah Capon and Dr. Matt Brunke




This morning, we continued our way through Arthritis Awareness Week with our fourth Facebook Live  where Dr. Hannah Capon and Dr. Matt Brunke talked about the benefits of rehabilitation to manage pain and improve the physical capabilities of dogs suffering from arthritis.  If you missed it, be sure to check it out here.

There are several forms of rehabilitation that can be done at home for low cost.

  1. Make sure that any slippery surfaces in your home are covered with non-slip rugs.

  2. Ensure that your dog's diet is helping them maintain an ideal body weight.

  3. Provide the right amount of exercise on varying terrains such as grass, dirt or sand. 

  4. Keep your dogs toenails short and groomed to avoid painful paw issues.

  5. Discuss medication with your veterinarian if your pet seems to be in pain. 

Additionally, the doctors covered several methods of in-clinic rehabilitation that can help create a more comfortable and healthy lifestyle for dogs: 

  1. Physical rehabilitation: Manual therapy, massage, and strengthening can help to alleviate pain and build strength to support diseased joints.

  2. Low lever laser therapy: Light therapy is used to promote healing and pain relief for a variety of conditions.

  3. Acupuncture: Dry needle, aquapuncture, or electroacupuncture are used to stimulate endorphin release and other mechanisms of pain relief.

Additional resources are available if you'd like to learn more. 

  1. An in-depth conversation with Dr. Brunke about Big Barker beds and joint pain, mobility, and higher quality of life. 
  2. The clinical study completed by University of Pennsylvania on the impact that Big Barker beds have on dogs with arthritis.
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    And, it wouldn’t be Arthritis Awareness Week if we didn’t announce today’s winner…. 

    Giveaway Winner name: Ronda

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    For our last event, we have two experts, Dr. Hannah Capon and Dr. Cecilia Villaverde discussing the biggest myths in the dog food industry, the influence that diet can have on pain management and exciting prospects in the dog food industry. 

    Fact vs. Fiction: Myth Busting Nutrition


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