Big Barker Gives Philadelphia's Shelter Dogs a Cozy Place to Rest!

I have to say it: At Big Barker, we have a special place in our hearts for dogs who are waiting for their forever homes. While we feel that all dogs deserve to sleep on a Big Barker, shelter dogs really need the extra comfort of a supportive bed to call their own.

That’s why we decided to hold our latest donation event in honor of the 150-year anniversary of the Philadelphia SPCA, which is probably the most impressive rescue facility we’ve ever seen. The Philadelphia SPCA is the state’s largest animal welfare organization, rescuing dogs, turtles, horses, birds, ferrets, cats, and basicallyanyone who needs a home before they find a home to call their own. Animals who have suffered cruelty and neglect are safe once they’ve arrived at this sanctuary.

The dogs (and indeed all of the animals) who end up at the Philly SPCA are truly blessed. Every single employee and volunteer genuinely cares about the welfare of the animals in their care. The shelter’s facilities include a hospital, low-cost veterinary services, and a humane law enforcement and litigation division, which cares for animals who are involved in litigation and would otherwise have nowhere to go.


Yep, turtles 


Slinky enjoys his photo op!

We think the dogs who are staying here are especially lucky. Everyone gets to go to the outside runs 3 times a day, which is amazing considering that they may have 100 dogs or more onsite at any given time! It is truly an impressively run operation.

To help celebrate their big anniversary, we donated 20 custom crate pads and two headrest beds. We wanted to make sure that every court case dog received a bed, since their stays at the facility can sometimes last for months or even longer.


The King of Dog Beds, taking care of every detail


We were humbled by all the love that we could feel pouring out of every square foot of the sprawling building. As attached as they get, the SPCA staff can’t wait to see another dog go home, so that another one who needs a chance can take his place. ❤️


The hospital docs and nurses are busy, but they always have time for a treat and a handshake!



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