Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs with Epilepsy or Seizures?

Is CBD oil good for dogs with epilepsy or seizures?

CBD, so far in the research, has been showing some good effects for patients that are non-controlled epileptics. We know it is working well, at least in humans and based on human research. So we expect that to translate pretty well to dogs.

We should expect to see those studies out within the next year or two, which is really exciting. At my practice, we have several clients that have come in with their dog that has seizure-like events and they are on the typical drugs like Phenobarbital, potassium bromide, Keppra, and they are still having seizures. Then, the owner elects to put them on CBD oil themselves without the veterinarian recommendation. I wish they would come to us first, but they at least anecdotally have said that those few sporadic seizures that they would typically have, have stopped. So it's exciting stuff.


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