Guy Finds a Friendly Surprise Abandoned in the Backseat of Lyft

Earlier this year, Augusto Deoliveira called for what he assumed would be a normal Lyft ride to the airport. He had no idea how his life would be changing during that ride. After getting in the car, he noticed he was not alone. A baby German Shepherd puppy was in the car with him. The puppy, confused and lost, had been left behind by the previous passenger.

Deoliveira thought it was a prank at first. Deoliveira works as a dog trainer who specializes in German Shepherds, and the puppy in his Lyft looked exactly like the puppies he trains.

After he and the Lyft driver reached out to the previous passenger, they discovered she’d left the dog on purpose. She did not know what to do, but wanted to surrender him, so she left him in the back seat of the car.

Upon hearing that, Deoliveira knew he couldn’t leave the abandoned puppy behind. He canceled his flight, took the puppy home, and named him Rolex. Deoliveira ended up going on his trip later but drove there instead so Rolex could come with him.

Deoliveira and Rolex have been living together for two months since their unexpected meeting. Rolex is five months old and thriving in his new home. Rolex is a very good boy and a very social puppy.

After going through this chance occurrence, Deoliveira hopes people will try to explore other options before abandoning their pets. There are other options if you need to give up your dog. If you can’t find another option, taking the dog to a shelter or rescue organization is a better option than abandoning them.

Rolex, however, does not have to worry ever again about being abandoned. He’s found his forever home with Deoliveira and the two are very happy together.


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