Family of Dogs Rescued From a Life in Trash

While walking home from work, a women in Texas discovered something truly heartbreaking. Two dogs had made a home in a pile of trash and an abandoned mattress. She immediately called for help from a local rescue, and when they arrived, they were saddened to find even more abandoned dogs.

 Dog family lives in litter

Sylvia Lopez of Houston Dog Outreach Guardians was one of those who arrived on the scene. “We went the next day to assess and set traps as they did not trust us. We quickly managed to trap the momma dog, and we also trapped a young female dog that we believe was her daughter from her previous litter.”

As they worked to capture all of the dogs, it was discovered that the group was an entire family. Mom, Dad, three daughters and Grandma all lived in the terrible conditions. “We managed to chase behind Grandma, then she got tired of running and gave up,” Lopez said. “She didn’t put up a fight [because] she was exhausted.”

 Dog is rescued

Traps were set for the remaining dogs. As Monday approached, the outlook of the family was pointed in the right direction. “I went to check the traps at 5 a.m. and, thankfully, Daddy and puppy were trapped safely,” Lopez said. Only one dog was left, the youngest puppy.

“I left the area to reunite the puppy with her momma and daddy with the rest of the family,” Lopez said. “Later that same day, we went back to check the trap and finally trapped the last dog, the young daughter. We reunited the whole family at our holding facility.”

The family was able to show their personalities in the safety of the facility. “2-year-old Momma — now named Naomi — was very sweet and trusting,” Lopez said. “8-month-old puppy daughters were timid and scared, but now they’re warming up to us. They seem to be very sweet girls. The 2-month-old baby puppy — named Abigail — was timid and scared but now is warming up to us and very playful.”

The father, now named Thomas, is still scared and a bit timid, but he warms up a bit when his family is near. The two youngest daughters, Shannon and Christel, are staying at the rescue with their grandmother, while the rest of the family is with foster families. Despite the struggles, this family has stuck together. 

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